reformation-2Dear brothers and sisters,

I praise our Lord that, by his grace, the ministry of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Bucharest has now entered in its third month of existence. Here, in Bucharest, we are deeply thankful for the love and generosity of the URCNA people and churches which help make this mission work possible. Our prayer is that one day we would have a Romanian Reformed denomination that would be a blessing for the generations to come.

Since returning to Romania, I have been preaching through Hebrews on Sunday mornings and through Ecclesiastes on Sunday evenings. The book of Hebrews helps us lay a sound foundation in understanding the work of Christ and the book of Ecclesiastes helps us navigate the absurdity of this fallen world. In order to get the message out, we have been video recording the sermons and posting them on social media. This allows for more people to learn about our church plant and about the Gospel. We had several visitors in the past couple of months, but this last Sunday we had the first walk-in, our first visitor who learned about us through Facebook and YouTube.

On October 31st we plan to organize a Reformation Day meeting to celebrate the 16th century Protestant Reformation and present the important role that the Reformation has also for us today, as an orthodox recovery of the Gospel in the Church. We hope to use this meeting as a means to point people to Christ and introduce them to our church plant. Please pray for our small church plant and for the outreach efforts that are under way. Pray that the Lord would use his Gospel to bring sinners to faith!


Warmly in Christ,

Rev. Mihai Corcea

Evangelical Reformed Church of Bucharest


 The PDF version of this newsletter can be found here.